Romantik Hotel Schweizerhof w Grindelwald
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Little interest in Switzerland is caused by lack of information and from the conviction that Switzerland is very expensive. By our work and your offers I want to make this country popular and prove that the holiday there is not more expensive than it is in the other countries of Europe.

Website is created as addition to the Internet portal existing from 12 years already.

We want to encourage you to share this plan by advertising of your services. Our price list is cheap. We will advertise your company through: your one webpage on our server (under the address completely in Polish language, mega-banner 728 x 90 px, link to your website, mini-banner, (banner creation included).

Why should you be interested in our offer? We provide a comprehensive advertisement in Eastern Europe countries - new, straight arising departure place to Switzerland - at a price of a little advertisement only. You will save much and reach more guests from this part of Europe simultaneously. Please think about it.
Advertising in Poland: Your one-page homepage placed on our server and written completely in the Polish language;
The use of our booking system for customers from Poland.
Marketing of the hotels by travel agencies in Poland.
Membership in the Swiss club gives possibility to obtain recommendation of the club and to get sign "Swiss club Recommended". Each member can obtain right to use special sign "Swiss Club Recommended" on advertising material.
Mini banner (picture or text in the Polish language, banner creation included) on, or
Mega-banner (banner creation included) with text or graphic (static or encouraged) in Polish.
Your Website completely in the Polish language, minimum 5 Webpages, graphics, photos, various Scripts, GIFs and/or Flash-elements - (domain .pl or .com .pl, Webhosting, positioning - all inclusive!).
Our offer: Booking system for hotels
With our online booking system for hotels your customers can book your rooms round-the-clock directly from your web page. Your customers receive confirmation automatically and can pay by credit card. You can manage online all bookings of your rooms. Software installation is not necessary. Simple and fast.
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